Jan Stubne

Jan Stubne

Ass. Managing Director / Owner

Tel: +47 908 20 574

Tel: +47 908 20 574


Born in 1968 in Oslo, but brought up in Bærum

Married to Liv Berit (they have been together for 20 years)

Father to Nicolai (22)

Assisting Director and owner

Together with his fantastic wife, a non paid member of the board as she always point out, “a none paid wife” ?........sure!

Jan is responsible for all employees and they all report directly to him.

How many people do you know in the wine business (other than the grape growers themselves) who are at work at 6 a.m. every morning? Jan Stubne is one of them.

Jan is the official ”brain" of Better Wines. If anyone needs information about prices (or any other numbers for that matter), vintages, grapes or whatever else it might be, he is the source.

Actually he is the man who runs the company, not like a "bull boss" but as a relaxed friend and teacher he gets everybody to feel good.

Jan is honesty, sincerity and knowledge. He combines all of this into his job. It makes him irreplaceable for me. I enjoy every day we meet at work, this feeling I have had for 16 years now. (I must admit, it not the same at home, but nearly)

The same regarding scheduling: He knows all the whereas and when’s and how’s, and if he doesn’t know right then and there, he’ll find it if you give him a minute or two.

Jan is a passionate wine lover. He cares the same for a bottle of Petit Chablis as he does for a great bottle of Bordeaux!

He’s to the point; he knows the difference and loves the difference.

Jan is a master of creating great food and wine combinations, and is a fully educated chef. He has so many customers that we always tell him that he must need help, but he always answers!

But they are my friends; I cannot leave them to just anybody!

Jan loves skiing and when he gets a chance, he slips away to the mountains to go skiing. He has his small winter heaven at Hafjell. Jan also finds time to work down his handicap in golf, which I find strange. (He is always working).

He is in love with his Goldfish boat, have a look at his page and go to favorite pictures.

He’s got a great sense of humor, and is always ready with a smile, but at the workplace he is always the steady, clever, you-can-depend-on-him kind of guy.

I am sure I will work with him for the rest of my life, I sincerely hope so Jan.

Very subjective, but honest by Geir.

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