Be a part of Norway's best wine importer

Geir and Jan have worked together since 1992. Friendship, great success and happiness gave us the strength we needed, to create our new company, Better Wines AS. Sigurd Marius Skaugen has been a former business partner and close friend of Geir and Jan for more than 12 years. We are now the 3 proud owners of Better Wines - our dream company.

Norway's Best Wine Company.

It`s maybe to speak in big words, but we think Better Wines has become a fantastic company. We have now very motivated and knowledgeble people. Our portfolio is today full of interesting small super producers and every day we try to become even better.

Our producers will win the market!

The producers in our company will become the best selling producers in the Norwegian market. We kow that the future will be great for our wine producers. 28 years as the best wine importer in Norway, gives us the trust that Better Wines will be Norways's BEST wine Company.

Our History

In the wine industry there are many people passionate and knowledgeable about wine. Geir Sviland started with wine back in 1985 when he worked during the harvest in Loire. Since then he has worked in Burgundy (harvest for 3 different producers), Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Rioja during the harvest. Knowing a little about wine, terroir and philosophy from different winemakers, Geir Sviland started Best Buys International AS in 1996.

Our Philosophy

  • Wines where you feel the soil
  • Wines made with love
  • Wines made with honesty
  • Wines with the best possible price
  • Simply the best wines available
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