Geir Sviland

Geir Sviland

Managing Director / Owner

Tel: +47 908 23 095

Tel: +47 908 23 095

Dear friends

I was born back in 1966, however I still feel young. I love my job, my colleges and all the people I get to meet through my work.

After high school I trained to be a chef. As a young man my dream was to become a Hotel director, so I went accordingly to financial studies at university.

I have always been a wine lover, at least for a long time. I did my first harvest in 1985 in Pouilly-sur-Loire. After that I could not stop. The year after, I did a harvest in Saint Emilion, then in Spain, Italy and three harvests in Burgundy for Duroche, Domaine Dujac and Domaine Faiveley.

During my stay at Dujac, I got really inspired by good wine and love for good wine. I also met my good friend Pietro Ratti at Dujac. The understanding for the need of quality, business and the importance of learning took me to Bordeaux. I started to study Oenology to become a winemaker. I never got my degree in Oenology, but I stayed at the University for two years, learning a lot about wine.

Life goes in different directions and a call from the manager of Radisson SAS Hotel in Oslo in 1992, asking me if I wanted the position as Restaurant Manager at their top restaurant. The offer made me pack my bags and head for Oslo. Unfortunately, no more wine studies.

However, I met my wife An-Magritt, a wonderful woman from Tromsø, the far north of Norway. She takes good care of me when I am out of line. I became the father of two wonderful kids. My son Lasse is now 22 year old. He is studying computer programming in the town of Gjøvik, two hours north of Oslo where we live. My daughter Lisa is 20 years old. She is studying philosophy in Barcelona at the moment. She is more of a creative person, plays the violin and loves music.

In 1996 I started Best Buys International AS. This company soon became one of the most important wine companies in Norway. Unfortunately, I had to sell my 20% of stocks when the Finnish Spirit Company Altia bought my “baby” in 2004.

The 17th of December 2007 I created our company Better Wines AS with my long time partner Jan Stubne. My dream is to be able to work with great wine producers, have good customers, happy colleagues and a happy family.

It is my pleasure in life to find and sell hand-chosen, artisanal made wines from up-and-coming producers or areas. I love to have the best restaurants as my friends and customers and to learn something from all of you every day.

I am fortunate to be able to do wine tasting, wine tour with customers, travel to buy and taste wines. I am very lucky having great colleges and a job I love.

I hope to be to be able to work with you and for you for many more years.

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