Jan Helge Didriksen

Jan Helge Didriksen

Sales Manager West Coast

Tel: +47 930 61 428

Tel: +47 930 61 428


Born 1952 in Sandnessjøen

Married to Ellen Math Henrichsen since 1993

Father to Hanna (16) and Lars (5)

Jan Helge has been an avid wine lover since, well almost forever. He is also a real cook and thought working in the wine business now, he can easily teach many famous chefs a thing or two about beurre blanc or great pizza. Jan Helge and his wife Ellen are true wine and food fanatics. Ellen makes her own bread, Jan Helge always has a good recipe for whatever dish you can think of. He makes his own "Foie Gras entier", pizza, French fries, etc. without thinking about how it makes all the rest of us feel when we go to the nearest “deli”! “real losers”! Well actually he never says anything, but you know the feeling…

Many people have a wood- burning oven in their backyard, but not many use it every week, and keep it warm all summer.

Jan Helge is maybe food crazy, but first of all a man of extremely high standards. He is dedicated to his family and job in the same way. He is curious but at the same time a little old fashioned. When it is lunchtime! Its lunchtime. He is also the man who makes sure that the Better Wines trips run as smoothly as clockwork. He’s the one discreetly pointing at his watch if Geir or Jan are talking overtime with a winemaker or marketing director.

He also has a great nose for picking out good wines, combined with the true wine lover’s credo: Leave no stone unturned. And ok, also the other credo:

Life is too short for anything but the best.

Jan Helge is the only guy we know who makes proper dinners every single evening he’s at home, even though he’s just as busy as all the rest of us.

Whenever he and his family get a chance, they retreat to their cabin by the fjords of Stavanger or their newly bought property in Provence with good food, good wines but most important with good friends.

After many years together with me and Jan, we are just 100% sure of one thing! Lets work together for a long, long time.

We are proud to have him in our team, just imagine what it means to work with someone who tries to find the essential elements of good life, -every day.

Very subjective, but honest by Geir.

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