Hilde Aanensen

Hilde Aanensen

Sales Manager

Tel: +47 984 64 863

Tel: +47 984 64 863


I was born in 1973 in Stavanger, a small but big city on the west coast of Norway.

After some years at university studying Norwegian literature, I fell in love with the restaurant world, the food and wine scene appeared facinating and made me curious.

I started my restaurant career at the wonderful hotel Continental in Oslo, family owned and higly respected for quality and service. From there on it was a long and wonderful journey, working with some of the best Chefs and Sommeliers in Norway. Eager to learn and to develop was my drive to keep going, and I finished my own sommelier exam i 2003.

Working for the well established Bølgen & Moi restaurants for many years, I was challenged to apply a position at Vinmonopolet in 2005, to develop a very special shop in Oslo , this was a great success and i established some of my best collegial relationships that in my opinion will last forever.

I can still recall the day Geir Sviland called me , it was january 2008, asking me to become a part of the Better Wines team, an easy descision to make! I am convinced that i must have the best job on this planet, working with not only the best restaurants in Norway, but also some of the best wine producers in the world. My best customers are truly my best friends, and we share some wonderful moments together during tastings and trips to the wine areas of the world.

My working days are never the same, but full of wonderful experiences. I am fortunate to travel a lot with my collegues, which I look upon as my second family.

After working with Geir and Jan for eight years, I am looking forward to the next eight!


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