Your wines shall win the game

Lets build success together in Norway

There comes a point in your life when you realize

who really matters,

who never did, and who always will.

20 year with great succsess in the Norwegien wine market

and 20 years with many of the the same restaurant costumers!

we still feel that our journey has just begun!

Be inspired by being better!

Better Wines shall sell products in a price range that

makes it possible to sell volumes to a large part

of the population.

We shall sell the best possible products

at the lowest possible price.

Your wines shall win the game!

The goal is to search the BEST, and finest wines available at all price points. Wines selected to be included in BETTER WINES must represent the highest quality and meet our exacting standards, regarding, character and winemaking.

With your quality wines we will do everything in our power to sell as many as possible.

Solsiden fest
Jan Stubne

Together we will make it

People working in Better Wines are very

knowledgeable about the wine trade.

We love our job

We love our customers

We love our producers

We know the market!

For more then 20 year we have been selling wine to the restaurant market. All the good restaurants in Norway are selling our wines. Our customers are not just customers. Many of them are also our best friends. Totally we have together more than 50 years of experience from working in hotels and restaurants.

With more than 300 wine importers in Norway the restaurant market is very difficult and we know we have many good competitors. Moestue, Gaia, Fondberg are all doing a great job!

We know the wine market!

Financial strength!

After selling wine successfully for more then 20 years we have a very good financial knowledge. The owners, Geir, Jan and Marius all have a very good financial position, which makes it possible to focus on growth and development.

Great producers!

Wines made with honesty

Wines with character

Wines where you feel the soil

Wines made with love

Wines that taste good

Wines with the best possible price

Anne & Frederic Grasset
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